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I have a vision for this younger generation of Christians. I want to see us go beyond Sunday morning services and Wednesday night Bible studies and learn to love Christ in every minute of every day. I want to see us go beyond just memorizing Scripture and knowing the verbiage of the Bible to actually having our lives transformed by its amazing Truth, so that we don’t just know it but we live it for all the world to witness. I want to see us fight to protect the beautiful side of love in our romantic relationships so that we can bring glory to the Great Lover of our souls. — Eric Ludy, When God Writes Your Love Story*

This is also my heart and desire for myself and every Christian from every generation.

I want to see generations of Christians who love dig deep into their study of the Bible every day of the week. I want to see Christians young and old who know what they believe because of what the Bible tells them, instead of only going by what their pastor or parents tell them. Christians who search the Scriptures on their own and discover what the Word says.

I want to see generations of Christians who are not simply reading their Bible and going to church but are living out what they claim to believe. We should all have the light of Christ shining in us for the world to see so that the world may know the Lord and Savior we know, love, and serve.

I want to see generations of Christians who uphold pure, godly romantic relationships instead of the cheap idea of love the world has to offer. I want to see boys becoming godly men submitted to Christ and treating the women in their lives with respect and honor. I want to see girls become godly ladies with a love for Christ before a love for any guy. Ladies who embrace their God-given role as helpers, encouraging the men to be gentleman and leaders.

This blog was created with the purpose of encouraging Christians to live bold, godly lives for Christ. Each blog post is written to share a deeper knowledge and understanding of God and His Word and how we can live out a Christ-centered life.

On this blog, there are blog posts studying verses, passages, stories, or whole books of Scripture. There are posts about how Christians should live and response in situations we all face. There are also posts about relationships, especially the romantic kind, and how to have godly relationships with others.

I pray that this blog blesses you, encourages you, teaches you, and challenges you to live a life focused on the One who died to save you.

Your sister in Christ,

A Rising Generation Meagan Nicole

*This is an affiliate link, which means if you buy from this link, I will make a small amount of money at no extra cost to you. I only promote books I have personal read and believe in.


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