In Awe of God’s Creation

In Awe of God's Creation - A Rising Generation

In Awe of God's Creation - A Rising Generation

I am so often left in awe of God’s creation. I watch the sun set, listen to the waves crash against the shore, drive through fog on an early morning, or stay up late soaking in the brilliance of the stars, and every single time, I am left speechless.

One of my favorite things to do is lay outside and stargaze (especially when I get to see a shooting star). I often just lay there and think about the God who created them. How creative and powerful He is to have created something so beautiful.

I love climbing high up into the mountains and just standing there trying to take in their majesty. When I stand on top of the mountains, I’m reminded just how small I am. I’m reminded of how great and big the God I serve is.

This beautiful world around us reminds me that He created so many wonders in this world, and yet He created me by hand. He knew me and loved me since the beginning of time. He knew what I’d look like, what talents I would have, and what my life would look like before I was ever born. He chose me for His own and bought me with a great price. He saved me from eternal death, and I owe Him my life. That’s a humbling thought I hope I never forget.

What do you think about when you get to witness God’s creation? What are some of your favorite sights to see? Share in the comments below!

Your sister in Christ,

Meagan Nicole

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