Let Your Light Shine

A Rising Generation Matthew 5:16

Let Your Light Shine - A Rising Generation

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” — Matthew 5:16

My sister Samantha helped me come up with the logo of A Rising Generation. Together we came up with the idea of a lighthouse, and then she designed the logo (She is an extremely talented artist, and you can see her clay art and digital art on Instagram). Our idea behind the lighthouse was God’s light that shined in us when we live our lives for Christ.

I would like to share a couple of interesting things I learned about lighthouses. First, each lighthouse was shaped, colored, and made differently so that sailors could tell the difference between lighthouses during the day. The sailors had a list they would reference that described the appearance of each lighthouse matched with that lighthouse’s location, telling them where along the coast they were. Similarly, each lighthouse would emit a distinctive series of flashes so sailors could identify where they were at night, by using a different list of lighthouses matched with their locations (this was before smartphones and GPS). Despite all their differences, the lighthouses were united by the fact that they all shined light for the purpose of guiding sailors along the coastline.

So, how are we like lighthouses? Well, just like each lighthouse was made differently, each of us are made differently. God made us all with unique features, characteristics, and talents. Also, we all have a distinct and different way to shine God’s light. For some of us, that could be at our job, in our homes, or across the world, using a wide range of different talents. But despite all of our differences, we are united because of God’s saving grace and love for us. As children of Christ, each of us shine His light to guide others to Him.

As we focus on Christ, build a relationship with Him, and follow Him with our entire life, He will use us to be a light to others, and it will all be to point back to Him for His glory.

Your sister in Christ,

Meagan Nicole

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