Moses’ Murder

Moses' Murder - Moses' Story Part 2 - A Rising Generation

In the first couple of chapters in Exodus, we read that the Israelites were suffering under the rule of the Egyptians, and the king ordered for all the Hebrew baby boys to be tossed into the Nile.

It was at this time that Moses was born; and he was lovely in the sight of God, and he was nurtured three months in his father’s home. And after he had been set outside, Pharaoh’s daughter took him away and nurtured him as her own son. — Acts 7:20-21

Moses grew up as an Egyptian prince. He would have had comfort, privilege, and power. He would have been very educated as he grew up, probably learning subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and possible many languages.

Moses was educated in all the learning of the Egyptians, and he was a man of power in words and deeds. — Acts 7:22

Moses’ Murder

When Moses was 40 years old, he decided to visit his brethren, the Israelites (Acts 7:23). We aren’t told how Moses knew he was an Israelite, but he did know he was born an Israelite, not an Egyptian.

Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his brethren. When Moses was sure no one was looking, he killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand (Exodus 2:11-12).

The next day, Moses saw two Hebrews fighting with each other, so he stepped in. Moses asked, “Why are you striking your companion?” (Exodus 2:13) One of the Hebrews replied saying, “Who made you a prince or judge over us? Are you intending to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?” (Exodus 2:14)

Moses was afraid when he realized others knew what he had done, and it wasn’t long before Pharaoh found out as well. Pharaoh tried to kill Moses, but Moses fled Egypt as far as Midian (Exodus 2:14-15).

Acts 7 gives us more insight into what Moses was thinking when he killed the Egyptian.

And he supposed that his brethren understood that God was granting them deliverance through him, but they did not understand. — Acts 7:25

Mose thought he was doing the right thing when he killed the Egyptian. He thought God was going to use him to deliver His people. He expected the Israelites to see that, but they didn’t. The problem was that Moses was acting on what he thought was right and what he thought should have been done. God was going to use Moses to deliver His people, but killing that Egyptian was not what God had planned for freeing the Israelites or the time He had planned. Moses wasn’t ready to lead the Israelites, and the Israelites weren’t ready to leave.


Is it possible for us to make the same mistake? I think so. We believe that God is calling us to do something, but we act on our own time and strength to do it. That’s what Moses did, and in his case, it led to killing a man and then fleeing for his life.

God gives us all different abilities, talents, and passions so that we can serve Him in different and unique ways. If we are following Him, He will use us to bring Him glory. We just have to be patient and trust in His ways and His timing. It’s easy to rush into something before we are ready. Spending time praying and preparing yourself for ways you can serve God and others is a wise thing to do before jumping right into something.

There’s a chance that God has put something on your heart, but it just isn’t the time yet for you to do it. That’s OK. You can spend that time preparing yourself like God prepares Moses to lead the Israelites, which we will see next week.

Your sister in Christ,

Meagan Nicole

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