6 Ways to Eliminate Distractions

6 Ways to Eliminate Distractions - A Rising Generation

Distractions are everywhere. It can be really easy to get distracted when you try to be productive. Sometimes it seems like nobody wants you until you sit down to get something done. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing your Bible study, school work, a hobby, or a project for your job. We all get distracted. If you’re like me, you get distracted a lot.

Here are 6 ways to eliminate distractions. I always try to use at least one of these (but I usually use a lot of them at one time).

1. Turn off your cellphone

A cellphone is probably the biggest distraction for most people. With smartphones, texts, emails, and social media notifications constantly alert us. All it takes is one Facebook notification to distract your for twenty minutes. Ten or twenty minutes a couple of times a day an quickly add up to an hour. If you miss out on an hour a day every day, that’s seven hours by the end of the week. That’s a whole work day! Imagine how much more you could have done if you stayed off your phone.

Turn off your cellphone or put it in a completely different room of the house. If you need to, give your phone to a family member or room mate and tell him or her not to give it back to you until you’ve finished your work. This one simple act can potentially save you hours of time.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi

If you aren’t using your laptop or tablet for your work, go ahead and turn it off and put it in another room with your cellphone. If you have to use your laptop or tablet, turn off the Wi-Fi. Facebook and Pinterest are just as tempting on a laptop as they are on your phone. By turning off your Wi-Fi, you are preventing yourself from mindlessly wandering it’s way to your favorite social media or website.

3. Find a quiet place

Outside of electronics, noise or objects around you could distract you too. Find the place where you are able to focus on your work best. Maybe your bedroom is the quietest because you aren’t around your family coming in and out of the room. Maybe an office room or basement away from all of your things is the best place for you. Try a couple of different places until you find the quietest place with the least amount of things to distract you.

4. Ask your family or friends not to disturb you

They mean well, but sometimes they do have bad timing. If you need some time alone for Bible study, school, or work, just let your family know you’ll be working and ask them not to disturb you unless it’s urgent. They will leave you alone if they know you need distraction-free time to work.

5. Set a goal

It’s easy to be busy and not be productive. Set a goal for what you want/need to get done. Let’s say you have all afternoon to study one chapter of Philippians, review for a test, and write a blog post (that’s what some of my afternoons look like at least). Write down everything you want to accomplish before the end of the day. There’s something about setting goals that motivates us and helps us focus. You’ll be less likely to get distracted if you can see everything you want to get done.

6. Set a timer

Setting a timer can go along with setting a goal. Let’s say you have three hours to study your Bible, studying for school, and write a blog post. You write out all those goals, and then you assign how much time you will work on each project. You can write down one hour and fifteen minutes for the Bible study, thirty minutes for studying, and one hour and fifteen minutes for writing blog posts. Assigning time limits and setting a timer prevents you from spending too much time on one project and never getting to the others (or wasting too much time not working on your project). If you know you only have thirty minutes that day to study, you will probably make the most of that time.

Give one (or all of them) a try and see if it helps you eliminate your distractions. Comment below to share how these tips help you or to share other ways that you eliminate your distractions and stay focused.

Your sister in Christ,

A Rising Generation Meagan Nicole

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